Patterns for hail

Pattern / Implicature
1 [passive] [Human|Human Group|Institution|Document] hail [Anything 1] [{as} Anything 2 = good]
[[Human|Human Group|Institution|Document]] lets show that [[Anything 1]] is welcome and desirable or remarkable and outstanding (and that [Anything 1] is a [Anything 2 = Good] or something like a [Anything 2 = Good])
2 [group: 2,1] [passive] [Human 1|Document|Human Group|Institution] hail [Human 2] [{hero|champion|...}]
[[Human 1|Document|Human Group|Institution]] says that [[Human 2]] is a {hero | champion | ...}
3 [group: 3,1] [passive] [Human] hail [[Event]^[Institution]] [{success}]
[[Human]] says that [[Event | Institution]] is a {success}
4 see comment [Human 1 |Human Group|Institution] hail [Human 2 | {king|president|leader|...} = authority|celebrity] ({as} Human 3 | {king|president|leader|...}) AdvManner(({with|by} )^({})) AdvLocation({in} )
[Human 1|Human Group|Institution] celebrates the arrival of [Human 2] with greeting and welcoming in a ceremonial way reserved for [Human 3 ]
5 [register=archaic, formal] exact phrase=(all) hail imperative hail *
archaic, formal. a greeting
6 [Human 1|Deity] hail [Human 2]
[[Human 1|Deity]] calls out to [[Human 2]] from a distance
7 [Human] hail [{taxi | cab}]
[[Human]] shouts or signals to {taxi | cab} in order to get the driver to stop
[[Human]] wants to ride in {taxi | cab} from [[Location 1]] to [[Location 2]]; [[Human]] will pay a fare to taxi driver
8 [no object] [Anything] hail [{from} Location|Time Point|Time Period]
[[Anything]] originates from [Location|Time Point|Time Period]
9 [no object] [{it}] hail
hard pellets of frozen rain fall in showers from cumulonimbus clouds