Patterns for furnish

Pattern / Implicature
1 [Human] furnish [[Room]^[Building]] ({with} Furniture|Artifact)
[[Human]] provides [[Furniture|Artifact]] for use in [[Room | Building]]
2 [register=Formal] [Anything] furnish [Anything] [{with} Anything]
Formal. [[Anything]] provides [Anything]], typically for use by [[Human]]
3 [register=Formal] [Human|Institution | {specialized business company}] furnish [{funeral}]
Formal. [[Human | Institution=business company]] arranges {funeral} as a paid service
4 [register=Formal] [Anything] furnish [Anything | {information|example|evidence|report|aid|means|copy|description|material|...}]
Formal. [Anything] provides [Anything], that others can use
5 furnished * [{with} Furniture|Artifact]
equipped with [Furniture|Artifact], about a [Room|Building]
6 furnishing *
the process of equipping a [Room|Building] with [Furniture|Artifact]
7 [Furniture|Artifact] furnish [Room|Building]
[Furniture|Artifact] contributes to the equipment of a [Room|Building]