Patterns for forge

Pattern / Implicature
1 [reciprocity] see comment [[Human 1]^[Institution 1]] forge [{alliance| relationship| partnership| liaison| link| friendship| ties|...}] (({with} Human 2)^({with} Institution 2))
[[Human 1 | Institution 1]] creates develops or establishes or achieves [Relationship|{alliance | relationship|partnership| liaison| link| friendship| ties|...} = cooperation|social interaction] with [[Human 2 | Institution 2]])
[Human 1|Institution 1] and [Human 2 | Institution 2] start to cooperate or interact socially
2 [reciprocity] see comment [[Human 1]^[Institution 1]] forge [Relationship | {link| relationship|bond|alliance|solidarity|...} = cooperation|social interaction] [{between|among} Institution 2,3|Human 2,3]
[Human 1 | Institution 1] creates or develops or establishes or achieves [Relationship|{link| relationship| bond| alliance|solidarity|...} between [Human 2,3 | Institution 2,3 = PLURAL]
3 [Human|Institution|Human Group] forge [[Concept|Plan|Performance|Music|Speech Act|Attitude|Emotion|Eventuality | {career|strategy|style|approach|concept|conception|view|tradition|plan|...}]^[Institution|Human Group|Social System]]
[Human|Institution|Human Group] creates [Entity = Abstract]
4 [Human] forge [Entity 1] [{into} Entity 2]
[[Human]] changes [[Entity 1]] so that it becomes [[Entity 2]]
5 [Human] forge [Artifact]
[[Human]] creates [[Artifact]], typically out of metal by heating metal in a fire or furnace and hammering it while it is hot.
6 [Human] forge [Metal]
[[Human]] heats metal in a fire or furnace and hammers it while hot in order to create artifacts
7 [Human] forge [[Document = Valuable]^[Artifact = Coin | Work of Art]^[{signature}]^[Data]^[Money]^[{transfer}]]
[[Human]] fraudulently creates (a copy of) a [[Document = Valuable | {Artifact = Coin | Work of Art} | signature] | Data| Money|{transfer}] or a transaction record that is not genuine
intending to pass it off as genuine
8 [no object] [Human|Institution] forge [{ahead}] [[{with} Activity]^[{with} Plan]]
[[Human]] continues to work steadily and purposefully in order to implement [[Action | Plan]]
9 [passive] see comment [Human|Institution|Eventuality] forge [Relationship | {link|alliance|connection|...}]
[Human|Institution|Eventuality] establishes a [Relationship|{link|alliance|connection|partnership|liaison|friendship|ties|...}=cooperation|social interaction]
[Relationship|{link|alliance|connection|partnership|liaison|friendship|ties|...}=cooperation|social interaction] comes into existence
10 [Event|Concept|System|Plan|Document|Information|Proposition|Performance | {project|conference|...}] forge [Relationship | {link|partnership|....} = cooperation|social interaction] [{between} Human 1,2|Institution 1,2]
[Event|Concept|System|Plan|Document|Information|Proposition|Performance] causes [Human 1,2|Institution 1,2] to cooperate or interact socially
11 [Human|Institution|Physical Object|Document|Information Source|Information|Investigation|Concept] forge [{link|connection|}] ({in} the {chain} of|between [Anything]) ({between|among} Anything)
[Human] notices or claims there is a logical contingency or link or association (in|between|among [Document|Information Source|Information|Investigation|Concept|Eventuality = PLURAL]) or (in|between|among [Document|Information Source|Information|Investigation|Concept|Eventuality = PLURAL])
12 [no object] [Human|Human Group] forge ({ahead}) AdvDirection[{}]
[Human|Human Group] moves ahead in a strong steady way
[Human|Human Group] is struggling