Patterns for cry

Pattern / Implicature
1 [group: 1,2, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19] [no object] [Human] cry
[[Human]] weeps
usually because [[Human]] is unhappy or in pain
2 idiom pv  [group: 1, 2] [idiom] [phrasal verb] [Human] cry [POSS {eyes| heart}] [{out}]
[[Human]] weeps bitterly and at length
3 idiom  [no object] [idiom] see comment [Human 1] cry [{on} [[Human 2]]'s {shoulder}]
[[Human 1]] is in distress and gets sympathy and/or support from [[Human 2]]
4 [Human] cry [THAT-CL|WH-CL|QUOTE] ({out})
[[Human]] shouts ([QUOTE]) loudly
typically, in order to attract attention
5 [Human] cry [{foul}]
[[Human]] protests about a real or imagined injustice
6 [no object] [Human] cry ({out}) [{for} Eventuality = Help]
[[Human 1]] indicates, typically in an emotional way, that he is not able to cope with a situation himself and needs [[Eventuality = Help]] from someone else
[[Human 1]] is in distress or trouble
7 [no object] [Entity | State] cry [{out}] [{for} Action]
[[Entity | State]] requires [[Action]] to be taken urgently
8 [no object] [Entity | State] cry [{out}] [TO+INF = PASSIVE]
[[Entity | State]] urgently requires to be the object of [V[Action]]
It is reasonable to expect that [[Action]] will be done soon
9 [no object] [Human] cry [{off}]
[[Human]] decides not to go ahead with (unnamed) [[Plan]]
10 idiom  [no object] [idiom] [Human] cry [{for} {moon}]
[[Human]] wants to have something that cannot be had
11 [Human] cry [Anything] [{up}]
[[Human]] praises [[Anything]]
12 idiom  [idiom] see comment [Human] cry [{wolf}]
[[Human]] calls for help when it is not needed
with the result that no one takes any notice of [[Human]] when help is really needed
13 idiom  [no object] [idiom] [{voice | prophet}] cry [{in} the {wilderness}]
[[Human]] draws attention to the need for action about an injustice or other problem, bout no one takes any notice
14 idiom  [idiom] see comment [Human] cry [{uncle}]
[[Human]] surrenders
16 [Human] cry [Self] [[{ADJ}]^[{to [State]} ]]
[Human] weeps so long and so strongly that he comes into a [State]
17 [no object] [Human] cry [[{for} Physical Object | Inanimate]^[{for} Human 2]]
[Human 1] weeps or shouts in order to get [Physical Object | Inanimate] or to have [Human 2] near
18 [group: 1,18] [Human] cry [{over} Eventuality]
[Eventuality] is the reason why [Human] weeps
Eventuality is not [Human]'s own [Emotion]
19 [group: 1, 19] [Human] cry [{with} Psych|Emotion | {exhaustion|frustration|laughter|...}]
[Psych Emotion] in [Human] is so strong that it makes [Human] weep