Patterns for crush

Pattern / Implicature
1 [[Physical Object 1]^[Event]^[Force]] crush [Physical Object 2 = Hard]
[[Physical Object 1 | Event]] damages or destroys [[Physical Object 2|Inanimate = Hard]] by violent and unexpected force
[[Physical Object]] is flattened, distorted in shape, or smashed into small pieces.
2 [Physical Object] crush [Human|Animal|Body Part] ({to} {death}) ({against} Physical Object 3)
[[Physical Object]] kills or injures [[Human|Animal|Animate]] or damages a [[Body|Body Part]] by the pressure of irresistible force
3 see comment [[Institution]^[Human = Political or Military Leader]] crush [[Activity | {resistance|strike|coup|plot|rebellion|revolt|insurgency|demonstration|protest|offensive|invasion|disturbance|violence|upheaval|insurrection|mutiny|opposition|...} = Revolt]^[Social System | {regime|democracy|republic|...}]]
[[Institution | {Human = Political or Military Leader}]] uses force to bring to an end [[Activity = Revolt]] by [[Human Group]]
4 [[Institution]^[Human 1 = Military or Political Leader]] crush [[Human Group|Institution]^[Human 2 | {Military or Political Leader}]]
[[Institution | Human 1 = Military or Political Leader]] destroys or brings to an end the activities or resistance of [[Human Group | Institution| Human 2 = Military or Political Leader]]
[Human 1 = politician|Human Group 1 =political party] wins an election over [Human 2 = politician|Human Group 2 =political party]
5 [[Eventuality|Emotion|Rule = Bad]^[{weight|burden} of [Eventuality|Emotion]]] crush [Human|Human Group|Institution]
[[Eventuality|Emotion|Rule = Bad]|{weight of [Eventuality]}] makes [[Human|Human Group|Institution]] suffer
6 crushing *
destruction by force
7 crushing *
9 crushed *
destroyed, deformed, squeezed, folded
10 [Anything 1] crush [Anything 2] [{out}] [{out of existence}]
[Anything 1] causes [Anything 2] to disappear
11 [Anything] crush [Emotion|Attitude|Rule|Privilege||Property | {creativity|potential|personality|spirit|......}]
[Anything] eliminates or destroys [Emotion|Attitude|Rule|Privilege|Property = good]
12 [group: 12, 5] crushed *
feeling bad and hopeless
13 [[Physical Object 1]^[Event]] crush [Physical Object 2] AdvDirection[[{into} Physical Object 3]^[{inwards|...}]]
[Physical Object 1|Event] presses [Physical Object 2] to fit a [Physical Object 3 = mould]
without caring whether [Physical Object 2] gets destroyed or damaged
14 idiom  [no object] [idiom] [passive] [Human|Human Group|Institution] is crushed [{under} {heel|yoke|burden|boot|thumb|foot} of [Human 2|Human Group 2|Institution 2|Eventuality]]
[Human 1|Human Group 1|Institution 1] is oppressed or mishandled by [Human 2|Human Group 2|Institution 2|Eventuality|Concept|Rule]
[Human 1|Human Group 1|Institution 1] is unable to live or work normally due to [Eventuality|Concept|Rule] or an [Activity] of [Human 2|Human Group 2|Institution 2]
15 [Human] crush [{butt|cigarette|cigar}]
[Human] stubs a {gigarette|butt|cigar} out
[Human] presses a {gigarette|butt|cigar} hard against a surface to make it stop burning
16 [no object] [passive] [reciprocity] [Physical Object 1] be crushed [[{under|beneath} Physical Object 2]^[{between|among} Physical Object 2, Physical Object 3]]
[Physical Object 2] (and Physical Object 3) damage or destroy [Physical Object 1|Inanimate=hard] by violent and unexpected force
17 [no object] [passive] [reciprocity] [[HumanAnimal|Animate]^[Body Part]] be crushed AdvLocation[[{under|beneath} Physical Object]^[{between} Physical Object 1, Physical Object 2]]
[Physical Object] injures or kills [Human|Animal|Animate] or damages [Body Part] by the pressure of irresistible force
18 [Anything] crush [Garment | {fabric|silk|lace|...}]
[Anything] causes [Garment|{fabric|silk|lace|...}] to fold unneatly
19 [no object] [Garment | {fabric|silk|lace|...}] crush
[Garment|{fabric|silk|lace|...}] gets unneat folds by being pressed by [Anything]
20 [Anything] crush [Stuff|Physical Object 1] [[{out}]^[{of} Physical Object 2]]
[Anything] presses or squeezes [Physical Object 2] so much that it bursts and [Stuff|Physical Object 1] comes out