Patterns for cool

Pattern / Implicature
1 [group: 13] [no object] [Physical Object | Stuff | Location | {temperature|season|day}] cool ({off|down})
[[Physical Object | Stuff | Location]] becomes lower in temperature
2 [group: 2,11] [Process | Device | Human |Stuff 1] cool [Physical Object | Stuff 2| Location] ({down})
[[Process | Device | Human|Stuff 1]] causes [[Physical Object | Stuff 2 | Location]] to become lower in temperature
3 [no object] [Emotion | Attitude | {atmosphere|tempers|passions|infatuations|feelings|quarrel}] cool
[[Emotion | Attitude ]] of [[Human]] becomes less strong
4 [Eventuality] cool [Emotion | Attitude | {situation|protests}]
[[Eventuality]] causes [[Emotion | Attitude]] of [[Human]] to become less strong
6 pv  [group: 10-ambi] [no object] [phrasal verb] [Human] cool [{down | off}]
[[Human]] becomes less emotional
7 [Action | Institution | Human] cool [Entity = Economy | Market]
[[Action]] by [[Institution | Human ]] causes [[Entity = Economy | Market]] to become less active
8 [no object] [Activity = Market | Economy] cool
[[Activity = Market | Economy]] becomes less intense
9 [no object] [{relations} = PL] cool
Originally good relations between [Human 1] and [Human 2] worsen or become less intense
10 pv  [group: 6-ambi] [no object] [phrasal verb] [Human] cool [{off|down}]
[Human] lets his body temperature sink by stopping physical efforts or exposing himself to cold
11 [group: 1,2] cooled
cooled - being or becoming lower in temperature - either by itself or being caused to
13 [group: 1,2] cooling *
cooling - the process of becoming lower in temperature or making something lower in temperature or a system designed to cool something
15 exact phrase=cooling off period cool
a period after purchase when the goods can be returned to the shop against full value
16 idiom  [idiom] [Human] cool [POSS {heels} = PL]
[Human] has to wait for something, and it is annoying and boring
17 idiom  [idiom] [Human] cool [{it}]
an upset or excited [Human] supresses the eagerness to take an immediate action or say something