Patterns for breathe

Pattern / Implicature
1 [no object] [[Human]^[Animal]] breathe
[[Human | Animal | Plant]] takes oxygen from air/water into its body and expels back a stream of oxygen-deprived air/water.
[Human | Animal ] is alive.; [Human] takes in air, not water.; Water [Animal] with {gills} or similar organs take in water.
2 pv  [phrasal verb] [[Human]^[Animal]] breathe ((Air)^(Gas)^(Vapor)^(Dust)) ({in})
[[Human | Animal]] takes [[Air | Gas | Vapor | Dust]] into the lungs, gills etc. through the mouth or nose or any equivalent of them
if object is absent, it is air
3 [[Human]^[Deity]] breathe [[Property]^[Emotion]^[Attitude]] [{into} Anything]
[[Human | Deity]] provides [Anything] with [Property|Emotion|Attitude]
4 pv  [phrasal verb] [[Human]^[Animal]] breathe ((Air)^(Gas)^(Vapor)^(Dust)) ({out})
[[Human | Animal]] expels air from the lungs through the mouth or nose
if object is implicit, it is air
5 [Human] breathe [Proposition|Speech Act | THAT-CL|QUOTE]
[[Human]] says [QUOTE] in a quiet voice
6 idiom  [idiom] [Human] breathe NEG [{word {about | of [[Eventuality]]}]
[[Human]] does not reveal any information {about [[Eventuality]]
7 idiom  [no object] [idiom] [Human] breathe [{again}]
[[Human]] feels a sense of relief after a threat or danger has not materialized
8 [no object] [Human] breathe AdvDirection[{into} Physical Object = container]
[[Human]] expels air gathered in his lungs in AdvDirection or into a [Physical Object = container]
9 breathing *
the process of taking air in and out
10 [Animal = Dragon] breathe [{fire}]
[[Animal = Dragon]] emits {fire} from the mouth, thus seeming angry and terrifying
11 idiom  [idiom] [Anything] breathe [{(new) life}] [{into} Anything]
[[Anything]] causes [Anything] to become more active after a period of quiescence
12 idiom  [idiom] [Human|Human Group|Institution] breathe [{sigh of relief}]
[[Human|Human Group|Institution]] expresses or feels relief about some [[Eventuality]]
[[Eventuality]] would have been bad if it had happened, but it did not happen
13 idiom  [no object] [idiom] [Human 1] breathe [{down} {[[Human 2]]'s neck}]
[[Human 1|Human]Group|Institution] follows {[[Human 2]] closely and attempts to control or influence the actions of {[[Human 2]]
14 idiom  [idiom] [Human] breathe [REFLDET {last | last gasp | last breath}]
[[Human]] dies
15 [no object] [domain=Food and Drink Culture] [Wine] breathe
Food and Drink Culture. [[Human]] uncorks a bottle of [[Wine = Dry Red Wine]] and leaves it to stand for a short time, thus exposing the wine to air before it is drunk
This supposedly improves the flavour of the wine
16 [no object] [domain=Manufacturing | Building Trades] [[Artifact]^[Stuff]] breathe
Manufacturing | Building Trades. [Artifact|Stuff] has such a structure that air can circulate round it or through it
17 see comment [[Human]^[Document]^[Concept]] breathe [Attitude]
[[Human | Document|Concept]] shows evidence of [[Attitude]]