Adjudication table for throw

#agrs AL JT SC EK multi adj sentence
0 69.s 71.f 1.f 1.a 1.a,1.f 1.f Yet if one takes what one does with one 's life seriously , one can not simply throw one 's own most serious projects into the melting pot of desires and preferences along with everyone else 's .
0 2.a 29.s 21.a 20.a 2.a,20.a,21.a 21.a In some cases , the star may explode and throw off enough matter to bring its mass below the limit .
1 1 1.a 1 47.a 47.a,1,1.a 1 This was accomplished by throwing the unfortunate animal in three or four times .
1 60.a 60.a 2.a 67.a 60.a, 60.a The Lincoln Red was at first known as the Lincolnshire Red Shorthorn : it originated when eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Durham and Yorkshire Shorthorn bulls were put on the large , rugged , pied Old Lincolnshire short-horned draught cows which could withstand all the weather thrown at this east coast county by the cold North Sea winds .
1 52.f 47.a u u u u It had therefore retained , almost uniquely , the suitably balanced carcass of a true meat breed , in contrast to the strong-shouldered , strong-necked draught types in which all the bulk was thrown forwards into the cheaper meat-cut areas .
1 15.a 47.f 15 15 15,15.a 15 It used to be a popular theory that death-feigning animals were somehow self-hypnotised , or that they were thrown into such an acute state of shock by their tormentors that they went into an unconscious , cataleptic state , as though from a fit or seizure .
1 16.s 16.s 1 16 1,16.s 16.s Do not throw rubbish onto an open fire in the living room .
1 57 54.a 54.f 57 54.a,54.f,57 54.f She threw open her Nashville home to Terry McMillan , his wife and three children .
1 1 47 72 1 1,47,72 72 Men and women carried their own children on their shoulders to the church and threw them into a common pit .
1 60.a 49.s 60.a 67.f 60.a 60.a ` It had had enough thrown at it , ' said the GP .
1 60.a 67.a 2.a 67.a 60.a,67.a 60.a Quality is the most important factor since your brickwork will be exposed to everything the elements can throw at it .
1 19.a 16.a 1 1 16.a,19.a 16.a It was Verhencamp who discovered the truth -- female anis throw each other 's eggs out of the nest .
1 73 1 73.s 73 1,73,73.s 73.s I 've seen this fella on the back of the bus with his bird and that and I walked down and was sitting by them and he was tooting gear , y'know , behind the back seat like that and he threw a load of gear over to me and said : ` Here , d' you want some of this ? ' , y'know , monging , off his head , like .
1 2.a 68.s 68 68 2.a,68,68.s 68 An oily mixture thrown from the back of a boat can draw hundreds of fulmars and petrels over kilometres of featureless ocean .
1 69 x 32 32 32,69,x 32 LORD HANWORTH M.R. [ after stating the facts and accepting the principle that a creditor is not bound by an agreement to accept a smaller sum in satisfaction of a larger ascertained amount , unless there be a benefit or even any legal possibility of benefit to the creditor thrown in ] : We have , therefore , to consider whether the agreement that was made here on July 6 was an agreement to do anything else than simply to pay on Friday , July 8 , into the hand of the creditors the sum which was already ascertained and in respect of which there was not only the legal liability , but a duty enforceable by any mode of execution against the debtor .
2 73.f 73.f 73 73 73.f 73.f He throws his largesse to all and sundry .
2 u x u x u,x u Silk throwing , under the control of Charles Hodgeson , was also carried out .
2 15.s 15.s 15 15 15,15.s 15 This , coupled with the Latin American debt crisis , prompted the US regulators to demand provisions of another $326m , which threw Crocker into a $324m loss .
2 12.f 12.f 12.a 12.a 12.a,12.f 12.f The telling of the story is an inescapable mandate for the whole Church ; word accompanies deed as the kingdom throws its light ahead of its arrival and men and women seek to live in that light .
3 48 48.a 48 48 48,48.a 48 It is a terrible warning to us about what could happen if we threw away our system of first past the post elections .
3 15 47.f 15 15 15 15 For example , a normally well-functioning family may be thrown into an acute state of crisis through a traumatic event ; a social work assessment may indicate the need for intervention , of a short-term nature , with a view to restoring non-client status ( Sainsbury , 1977 ; Wharf , 1985 ) .
3 60 u 60 60 60,u 60 If Peterson throws the blame entirely on Moriarty , and Moriarty renders the story plausible by remaining silent ( cooperating with his erstwhile and , as it turns out , treacherous friend ) , Moriarty gets a heavy jail sentence while Peterson gets off scot-free , having yielded to the Temptation to defect .
3 67 1 1 1 1 1 ` You have not understood why he does it , ' ' I said , ` The bhavana , the mental attitude with which he threw the coin , is worth many such coins , is it not ?
3 10 10 10.a 10 10,10.a 10 It also throws new and interesting light on the real needs for establishing the Livermore Laboratory for Dr Edward Teller .
3 45 56.s 45 45 45 45 By contrast , the Labour party has been silent about new technology , preferring to mutter about unemployment without putting forward detailed proposals as to what it would do about the problem beyond throwing public money at the dole queues .
3 16 48.a 16 16 16,48.a 16 They get thrown away .
3 16 16.c 16 16 16,16.c 16 Throw your Augustus Hare away and pick up your receiver ; Venice is to be wired for sound .
3 u 12.a u u 12.a,u u Never has the optical ventriloquism of 3-D ` thrown ' images of such uncanny solidity and colour saturation .
3 16.f 48.a 16.f 16.f 16.f,48.a 48.a As a result , they would be better educated and would not be thrown on the scrap heap .
3 18 16.a 18 18 18 18 But the recommendation was thrown out by an overwhelming majority , with only Coun Orwig and education committee chairman , Coun Handel Morgan , voting to close the three schools .
3 67 68.s 67 67 67 67 Things are bad enough now but if there is no sign of progress towards a settlement , the people who are still giving friendly waves to UN troops are likely to start throwing stones as they do in Northern Ireland .
3 67 1 1 1 1,67 67 Paul McCormack ( 23 ) was jailed for a year when he admitted culpably and recklessly throwing two trolleys on to the line from a railway bridge at Hope Street in Falkirk on April 13 last year .
3 37 63.s 37 37 37 37 Mr Smith , who now has to persuade the unions to fall in line , threw his weight behind the reforms after criticism for being too cautious .
3 18 48.s 18 18 18 18 Plans to merge Dunoon and Cowal with neighbouring Isle of Bute to form one area tourist authority were thrown out last month , but a special meeting was convened yesterday in Dunoon to discuss the issue again .
6 72 72 72 72 72 72 In The Possessed , the conspirators have enticed their victim to a dark remote spot where nothing will be seen or heard , and have done the deed and tied two heavy stones to the body so that it is sure to sink , and have carried it to a pond and thrown it in : then , ` With extraordinary carelessness ' they overlook that cap which has no doubt fallen off in the struggle , and which the police will soon find .
6 16 16 16 16 16 16 ` England 's army of thugs were told last night : ` cause any aggro and we 'll jail you and throw away the key ' ' it was reported yesterday in The One That Most Of Them Read .
6 19 19 19 19 19 19 After a few years of gutting chickens for 14 hours a day , they are often thrown out of work by younger and cheaper competitors .
6 48 48 48 48 48 48 Britain must now throw this opportunity away by electing a Labour government .
6 19 19 19 19 19 19 In the name of creating a solid defence against a hostile outside world , dissidents or ` deviants ' are thrown out like sacrifices to the god racism .
6 u u u u u u With respect to the embalming [ of ] Bodies , the methods that were commonly practised could , I know , have no effect ; at that time I read a good many Books upon ` Balsamation ' but got very little instruction from reading these : according to my own Idea the best way would be to preserve the Body for some time that putrefaction should hardly be able to take place , & that it should gradually get rid of its moisture , & that , when it dried , it should have such imbalming juices in it , that it should resist putrefaction , & the insects at the same time be either kept off or destroyed : I set out with this Opinion & thought that something must be thrown thro' the whole Body : the when the Body was preserved , my Idea of getting rid of moisture was , to place the Body in some strong absorbent substance , & that substance which proved best I thought was Paris Plaister & I thought I could lay in a common Coffin such a quantity of Paris Plaister as would take out all the moisture & then I thought the Body should be rather in a wooden case than a leaden one because the Wood would assist the Absorption .
6 6 6 6 6 6 6 Shortly before the war , she had committed suicide by throwing herself from the bridge into the path of a train .
6 2 2 2 2 2 2 The impact of the boar 's body rolled that leopard over and over all the way back to the forest edge and finally threw him up into the air in a somersault .
6 39 39 39 39 39 39 Can we throw a party or what ?
6 12.a 12.a 12.a 12.a 12.a 12.a ` The sunrise was as the opening of the gates of heaven itself and the glow it threw on the western hills transfigured the whole landscape for half an hour .
6 16 16 16 16 16 16 Besides , as field staff said , ` you can always throw it away later ' if the pollution turns out to be unimportant and the officer wants to avoid the trouble of processing , that is , bureaucratically accounting for , his sample .
6 11 11 11 11 11 11 That day , the aircraft wheeled above Manhattan in tight formation , pumping out their message , thrown into relief against a clear blue sky with vivid clarity , WAIT FOR THE ENGLISH …
6 30 30 30 30 30 30 It has survived from the early 1930s because of its craggy independence , its non-institutional base , its ability to adapt to new social movements thrown up by the working-class and oppressed groups and , most important , its radical philosophy and perspective .
6 48 48 48 48 48 48 In the light of what the Minister said and the undoubted expertise of the Royal Air Force in such matters , will he undertake that that expertise and high public regard will not be lightly thrown away ?
6 33 33 33 33 33 33 While the Chicago School certainly addressed the expressive order in problematic ways , their critics have thrown out the baby with the bathwater ; misinterpreting or misunderstanding what these sociologists were attempting .
6 48 48 48 48 48 48 Little did he know then , but he had thrown away probably the last good chance that Germany had of winning the war .