13.4. Crippled forms

Some crippled forms very closely resemble the pronunciation category. In Gaptschikowo, pronunciation is modeled using German spelling. In "řada lidí chybuje a píše 'poměnka'", the author points out a spelling error other people do. However, the author's intention to use the wrong form should be clear, otherwise it is the author's error that should be corrected.

If possible, the crippled forms should be tagged as if they were spelled the standard way; otherwise, use NNXXX-----A---- or AAXXX----1A---- according to the part of speech.

Example 13.3. Crippled forms

  • Waklaf Hafel: Waklaf_;Y_,t / NNMS1-----A---- // Hafel_;S_,t / NNMS1-----A----
  • Gaptschikowo: Gaptschikowo_;G_,t / NNNS1-----A----
  • v Gaptschikowo: Gaptschikowo_;G_,t / NNNXX-----A----