Chapter 12. Hyphenated composites

If the hyphenated word ends with -o, and by a replacement of that -o by an adjective ending we obtain an adjective (normal or possesive), the lemma for the word is that adjective (e.g. česko-německý - česko → český, Karlo-Ferdinanova - Karlo → Karlův). Some words cannot be viewed as derived from adjectives, but rather from nouns (e.g. rap- jazzová - rap → rap vs. rapovo-jazzová - rapovo → rapový).

Currently the only tag for first parts of hyphenated compounds is A2--------A----. The tag set has to be extended by a similar tag for nouns. Otherwise, we would have to introduce two lemmas for each noun, one tagged normally as noun, the other as an adjective before a hyphen. (One lemma must not occur with more than one part of speech.) Of course, that would be extremely inconvenient.

Example 12.1. Hyphenated composites

  • srbsko-černohorská: srbský / A2--------A----
  • Univerzita Karlo-Ferdinandova: Karlův_;Y_^(*3el) / A2--------A----
  • Univerzita Karel-Ferdinandova: Karel_;Y / A2--------A----
  • rap-jazzová: rap-2 / A2--------A----
  • rapo-jazzová: rap-2 / A2--------A----
  • rapovo-jazzová: rapový / A2--------A----