Chapter 5. Colloquial Czech

Table of Contents

5.1. Cos, kdys, jaks...
5.2. Suffix in plural of neuter

The annotation should distinguish between colloquial lemmas (e.g. Rusák (Russian) instead of the standard Rus) and colloquial forms of standard lemmas (e.g. zelenej (green) instead of the standard zelený). The former should be marked in the AddInfo of the lemma (Rusák_;E_,h), the latter should be indicated by the VAR field of the morphological tag. The values of 6, 5, 7, and sometimes also 3 may be applicable; in most common cases, 6 is used (zelený / AAIS1----1A---6). See also the section called "15 - Variant".

Table 5.1. Colloquial examples



koťata, které

který / P4NP4---------5

Novákovic pes

Novákův_;S_^(*2) / AUXXXM--------6 It is sometimes obsoletely tagged AUMS1M--------6 in PDT 2.0. If the tag system allowed such tags, AUXXXXP-------6 might be even more appropriate.


takovýhle / PDFD7---------6 (Correct - but rarely used - is takovýmahle.)


hovadina_,h / NNFP7-----A---6 (Both lemma and suffix are colloquial. The current morphological analyzer does not mark the lemma but it should do so.)

pro naší atletiku

můj_^(přivlast.) / PSFS4-P1------6 (Short -i, naši is the correct ending in accusative.)