3.6. Sporting and other events

There is no special lemma term flag for events but the _;m for generic proper names can be used (_;m_;w for sporting events). Similarly to companies, only words that are uniquely event names (or they have a homonym but its meaning has nothing to do with the event) have their lemmas flagged _;m.

If there is a company and an event of the same name, there should be two different lemmas.

Table 3.6. Examples of event names



Paris Indoor

Paris_;G_,t / NNIXX-----A---- // Indoor_;m_,t / NNIXX-----A----

US Open

US-2_:B_,t_^(americký) / AAXXX----1A---8 // Open-1_;m_;w_,t_^(otevřený_[turnaj],_v_názvu) / NNIXX-----A----

akce Stop milión

akce / NNFS1-----A---- // stopit_:W_^(úplně_spotřebovat_topením) / Vi-S---2--A---- // milión`1000000 / NNIS4-----A----

Pohár mistrů

pohár / NNIS1-----A---- // mistr / NNMP2-----A----

Mistrovství světa

mistrovství / NNNS1-----A---- // svět / NNIS2-----A----