2.1.7. Comment on derivation

The morphological analyzer handles only inflection, not derivations - it means lemmas are rather shallow. However, sometimes the lemma contains information about lemmas it is derived from. For example lemmas of possessive adjectives contain information about the noun they are derived from (otcův ← otec). The information is encoded in the following way - how many characters you have to remove from the end, and what string you have to add to get the deeper lemma. Only the proper lemmas are both input and output of this process (but including the lemma number, if present).

Example 2.1. Following examples illustrate this:

  • kardinálův_^(*2) - remove two letters: kardinál
  • Karlův_;Y_^(*3el) - remove 3 characters, add "el": Karel
  • přijetí-2_^(např._návrh)_(*5mout-2) - remove 5 characters, add "mout-2": přijmout-2
  • Martinův-1_;Y_^(*4-1) - remove 4 characters, add "-1": Martin-1

Example 2.2. Other examples:

  • Sorosův_;S_^(*2)
  • chlapcův_^(*3ec)
  • Máchův_;S_^(*2a)
  • Hlinkův-1_;S_^(*4a-1)
  • podání_^(něco_[někomu]_[někam])_(*3at)
  • prohlášení_^(*4sit)
  • protiprávnost_^(*3ý)

Note: Derivational comments of the form barvicí_^(^IC**barvit) occur occasionally in the current data. Cf. with barvící_^(*3it).